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Amazing connection found on web

Amazing…great great grandparents Hannah Gardiner and Thomas Dyer get married Q4 1841 at Stratford on Avon. They were boat people. On the waterways history website is “The story of the Gardner family”. This has a Joseph Gardner and an Elizabeth Dyer marrying in Q4 the year before…at Startford. Seems the families were very close http://virtualwaterways.co.uk/The_Story_of_the_Gardner_Family.html

Jane Ann Sunter’s yougest children also in children’s home: 1911

16 year old Joe Sunter and 13 year old Edward Sunter were living in the Edgworth National Children’s home in 1911 – which suggests the family was undergoing great poverty.  Their half brother, Charles, unemployed was in a lodging house in  Stockton, whilst Jane Anne Sunter, their mother was working in the Middlesbrough Workhouse.  Joe is […]

New Workhouse Shock: 1911 Jane Ann Sunter (nee Snowball) at Middlesbrough Workhouse

Middlesbrough Workhouse Jane Sunter 1911 Census In 1911 Charle’s Sunter’s mother, Jane Ann Sunter, was working as a Relife (sic) Foster Mother for the Board of Guardians at 28 Childrens Workhouse Home Middlesbrough.  The rest of her family is not recorded with her, and indeed, I cannot find where they were living at this time, other […]

1871 Census…Joseph and Ann Merideth (sic) living in Kingswinford

Mount Pleasant Kingswinford Joseph Merideth, Head, married, 30, Lab, Worcester Hyde Park Ann Merideth, Wife, married, 29, Worcester, Enville Eliza Merideth, Daughter, unmarried, 9, scholar, Worcester, Wollaston Mary Merideth, Daugher, unm, 7, scholar, Worcester Wollaston Joseph Merideth, son, 1,Worcester, Wollaston Interesting to note that the children were listed as being born in Wollaston.  Could it […]

1881 agricultural labourer and shepherd…but tragedy looms

By 1881 the Merediths, Joseph and Ann were living at Checkhill – not far from where Ashwood Nurseries are today. The Hills were alive and well and living at Highgrove – between Kinver and the Whitington pub. But tragedy was not far away for the Meredith family. Two young children were to die, whilst there […]

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