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1883 Isabella Sunter Dies in Howden – home of Jane Ann Snowball!

1883 Isabella Sunter Death Originally uploaded by timsunter Address is given as High Street, Howden. Isabella was 32 years old when she died and cause of death is given as “Phthisis 3 months”. Joseph Sunter is the informant and also gives his address as High Street Howden. Phthisis is the old term for TB. The […]

1877 Hannah Pedley Sunter Birth

1877 Hannah Pedley Sunter Birth Originally uploaded by timsunter Hannah Pedley Sunter was born to Joseph and Isabella Sunter in 1877 in Bishop Auckland. I ordered this certificate to find out where the Sunter’s were living in Bishop Auckland and to further investigate what the relationship was to Jane Ann Snowball and the Hulls. There […]

1932 Jane Emma “Auntie Jennie” Sunter marriage

1932 Jane Emma Sunter marriage Originally uploaded by timsunter   Christmas Eve, 1932 – at 21 years old Auntie Jennie gets married to Uncle Jim Matthews in Solihull. Jim is an ‘ashman’ by occupation. Interesting to note that one of the witnesses is Robert Main. Research from Durham Record Office indicated that Jennie was placed […]

5 minutes past 8, Christmas Eve 1907 – Charles Sunter enters workhouse

Sunter, Charles – 1907 Workhouse Entry Originally uploaded by timsunter At 5 minutes past 8 on Christmas Eve 1907, Charles Sunter entred the Middlesbrough workhouse. The entry lists Charles as a labourer, a Wesleyan, and living at the home of his sister in Thornaby. It appears that Charles was not well at the time as […]

Lofty enters children home

From Durham Records Office, 16th June 2009: Dear Mr. Sunter, Further to your telephone call to this Office today I have established that a William Sunter, born 1917, son of Charles and Emma, was admitted to Stockton Union Children’s Homes in January 1921.  As discussed over the telephone, if you require any further searches of […]

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