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Joseph Sunter

1883 Isabella Sunter Dies in Howden – home of Jane Ann Snowball!

1883 Isabella Sunter Death Originally uploaded by timsunter Address is given as High Street, Howden. Isabella was 32 years old when she died and cause of death is given as “Phthisis 3 months”. Joseph Sunter is the informant and also gives his address as High Street Howden. Phthisis is the old term for TB. The […]

1877 Hannah Pedley Sunter Birth

1877 Hannah Pedley Sunter Birth Originally uploaded by timsunter Hannah Pedley Sunter was born to Joseph and Isabella Sunter in 1877 in Bishop Auckland. I ordered this certificate to find out where the Sunter’s were living in Bishop Auckland and to further investigate what the relationship was to Jane Ann Snowball and the Hulls. There […]

1881 agricultural labourer and shepherd…but tragedy looms

By 1881 the Merediths, Joseph and Ann were living at Checkhill – not far from where Ashwood Nurseries are today. The Hills were alive and well and living at Highgrove – between Kinver and the Whitington pub. But tragedy was not far away for the Meredith family. Two young children were to die, whilst there […]

The Sunter story so far…

1841…Thomas and Mary Sunter, knocking on a bit at 60, live in Lodge Green, Gunnerside, Melbecks, Yorkshire.  They have a 15 year old son called William and the family earns its trade in the lead mining industry.  Thomas and Mary Sunter are my great, great, great grandparents. 1851 William Sunter has married Hannah.  They are […]

1861 Census Joseph Sunter

Forgive me whilst I jump around a bit here.  Stick with me and it will make sense. First of all in 1861 in the Hamlet of Lodge Green, Gunnerside, Melbecks (and each of these names are used to fill in census forms between 1841 and 1901) we have the following data: William Sunter, 37, head, […]

1881 Census – Joseph Sunter

Hit a bit of a brick wall here.  Searching through the online census at Ancestery.co.uk there is no Joseph Sunter, born c1849 at Gunnerside anywhere.  Could he have been out and about like Charles in 1891?  I’m going to take a stab and go back a further census to 1871. 

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