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Famous photographer…Jane Anne Snowball’s half brother

Ralph Snowball born 19 Nov 1848 in Leadgate, Co Durham, England, and Ralph emigrated to Wallsend, New South Wales, Australia, he died on the 4 Aug 1925 and buried on the 4 Aug 1925 in Sandgate, New South Wales, Australia. Ralph become a established Photographer his collection can be seen through the University of Newcastle’s […]

1883 Isabella Sunter Dies in Howden – home of Jane Ann Snowball!

1883 Isabella Sunter Death Originally uploaded by timsunter Address is given as High Street, Howden. Isabella was 32 years old when she died and cause of death is given as “Phthisis 3 months”. Joseph Sunter is the informant and also gives his address as High Street Howden. Phthisis is the old term for TB. The […]

1877 Hannah Pedley Sunter Birth

1877 Hannah Pedley Sunter Birth Originally uploaded by timsunter Hannah Pedley Sunter was born to Joseph and Isabella Sunter in 1877 in Bishop Auckland. I ordered this certificate to find out where the Sunter’s were living in Bishop Auckland and to further investigate what the relationship was to Jane Ann Snowball and the Hulls. There […]

1891 Census Joseph Sunter

I remember from my year working in the archives that the reading of names can be very difficult.  Here is a good example.  The transpcription of the 1901 census showed Jane A Sunter as coming from Leadgale.  The 1891 Census transcription has it that she is from Seadgate.  In fact I believe the answer is […]