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Edward Meredith (1876)

1881 agricultural labourer and shepherd…but tragedy looms

By 1881 the Merediths, Joseph and Ann were living at Checkhill – not far from where Ashwood Nurseries are today. The Hills were alive and well and living at Highgrove – between Kinver and the Whitington pub. But tragedy was not far away for the Meredith family. Two young children were to die, whilst there […]

The Meredith Family Bible

In Fred’s possession is a family bible, printed in 1870 – although my reading of roman numerals isn’t the strongest. At the back of the bible is listed names of two generations of the Meredith family. The Edward referred is my grandfather (born 1876) and the first entry, Joseph Meredith (born 1840), is by great […]