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Amazing connection found on web

Amazing…great great grandparents Hannah Gardiner and Thomas Dyer get married Q4 1841 at Stratford on Avon. They were boat people. On the waterways history website is “The story of the Gardner family”. This has a Joseph Gardner and an Elizabeth Dyer marrying in Q4 the year before…at Startford. Seems the families were very close http://virtualwaterways.co.uk/The_Story_of_the_Gardner_Family.html

1841 Census William Sunter

1841 Census This is the earliest Census data availalbe.  It is 1841 and again the Sunter family is strong in Lodge Green. Thomas Sunter, 60, Lead miner Mary Sunter, 60 Thomas Sunter, 30, Lead miner Christopher Sunter,25 Lead miner William Sunter,  15, Lead miner Ruth Peacock 15   There has to be a question mark […]