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Crowes – witnesses on Charles and Emma’s wedding certificate – 1911 census

Listed at witensses at Charles and Emma’s 1911 wedding, here is their entry, as neighbours to the happy couple, in the 1911 census.image

One thought on “Crowes – witnesses on Charles and Emma’s wedding certificate – 1911 census

  • BarbaraJo Elizebeth Sunter Kevan says:

    Hello Tim, as you can see from my long name, I was born a Sunter. My father was Charles Edward Sunter (& he had 2 other siblings, Gertrude and Edward) and he and his siblings were born in Oak Park, IL, USA. His father (my grandfather) died when Charles was about 10 years old, and his name was also Charles Sunter (middle name Phillip). His father (my great grandfather) was also a Charles Sunter (middle name Phillip again, I think) and I am told he came from Ireland. I have been told by my uncle (Edward Sunter, born in Oak Park, IL) that my ancestors are from England, Ireland and have some Scotch in them; he also told me that Sir Francis Drake and Florence Nightengale were also ancestors, as he had a professional do research on the Sunter name (my uncle died and I do not know where the family research is unfortunately for me). I am wondering if we are related in any way. Please feel free to contact me. You have done such a fantastic job on your research, I am envious!
    BJ Sunter Kevan

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