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Fred’s memories: Jennifer Tennant

During the early part of the war Jennifer Tennant and her cousin came to stay at Cecil Street as evacuees from London.  They didn’t stay very long, Fred thinks about five months. Jennifer was Agnes Hill’s grand daughter. Agnes had married William Batt in 1909, shortly (er…yes that shortly!) before having a daughter, Winifred. Winifred […]

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1745 WINNALL William and OLDNALL Phoebe marriage

1745 WINNALL William and OLDNALL Phoebe marriage, a photo by timsunter on Flickr. Edward Hill, Fred’s great grandfather married Mary Ann Winnall. Mary Ann Winnall’s line can be traced back through the Oldswinford registers to this entry. A marriage of William Winnall to Phoebe Oldnall in 1745. If this William Winnall is the same William […]

Vernon connection

I’ve received this email from Steve Winnall, which sets out the issue re the link to the Vernon family: Hi Tim Good to her from you and thanks for letting me know this potentially exciting news.  If we are descended from the Vernons then our closest ancestor is Mary Vernon (1590-1620), who was the great grandmother of […]

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Fred’s memories: Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris was my best friend from across the road in Cecil Street. Born in Pensnett she lived with her gran who was my mother’s best friend – a lady who seemed to take in many people who were, shall we say, in need of help.  One boy who lived there was always shaking.  We […]

Phone call with Hill cousins

It was a long shot.  A journey to London had discovered Auntie Phylis’s will from 1980.  Could it be that those named as executors were alive, well and living at the same address as 30 years ago?  If so would they have any photographs, or knowledge of the missing family postcards? A quick search of […]

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1962 family video – playing in the garden at Wentworth Road

Adrian and Jen coming home from school walking along Wentworth Road. Jen in classic Stourbridge Girls High School uniform. Then playing in garden on the see-saw/roundabout. Adrian Sunter ahead of his time in Bay City Roller trousers, Graham Hodgets (?) wearing a hoodie and Megan Holmes. John Tipper also there? Tim wielding stick to know […]

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