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William Sunter

…and now what was Isabella doing in 1881

Now I’ve returned to the 1881 census.  As noted previously Joseph doesn’t seem to appear on this census.  But a search for his wife Isabella reveals that she has moved to West Derby, Lancashire and is living at 106 Edge Lane. The census entry reads: Isabella Sunter, head, 31, Milk Dealer William Sunter, son, 9, scholar, […]

1841 Census William Sunter

1841 Census This is the earliest Census data availalbe.  It is 1841 and again the Sunter family is strong in Lodge Green. Thomas Sunter, 60, Lead miner Mary Sunter, 60 Thomas Sunter, 30, Lead miner Christopher Sunter,25 Lead miner William Sunter,  15, Lead miner Ruth Peacock 15   There has to be a question mark […]

1861 Census Joseph Sunter

Forgive me whilst I jump around a bit here.  Stick with me and it will make sense. First of all in 1861 in the Hamlet of Lodge Green, Gunnerside, Melbecks (and each of these names are used to fill in census forms between 1841 and 1901) we have the following data: William Sunter, 37, head, […]

1891 Census Joseph Sunter

I remember from my year working in the archives that the reading of names can be very difficult.  Here is a good example.  The transpcription of the 1901 census showed Jane A Sunter as coming from Leadgale.  The 1891 Census transcription has it that she is from Seadgate.  In fact I believe the answer is […]

1901 Census – Charles Sunter

1901 Census which shows that Charles Sunter is aged 19, a railway Stoker, and living at 5 Victoria Street, Thornaby.  Thornaby is in Stockport and just to the South East of Unicorn Yard and Brunswick Street.  I cannot find Victoria Street on Google Earth although there is a Victoria Road. The household is composed of: […]