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Time to restart blogging

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog.  Lot’s of things have been happening: new relatives have been found and exciting stories (to me at least) have been discovered.  So it’s time to share.  Watch this space over the next few weeks for updates.

William and Alice Dyer: Great, great, great grandparents

From Thomas Dyer and Hannah Gardner’s marriage certificate we know that Tomas’s father’s name was William. A search of the Warwickshire Country Archive for Staffordshire revealed these entries in the baptism register:   1821 07 15 Thomas William William and Alice Dyer Labourer   1823 09 28 Elizabeth William and Alice Dyer Labourer   1830 […]


Wendy Walsmsley, also descended from the Winnall family and living in New Zealand, kindly sent me this document which her aunt has in her possession.  Unfortunately the author of the document isn’t known.  What it does doe is take the Winnall family history further back to the first half of the seventeenth century. Winnall Famil […]

Winnall Family Tree – from Wendy Walmsley

Winnall Family Tree – from Wendy Walmsley Originally uploaded by timsunter This picture was provided by Wendy Walmsley who lives in New Zealand. Wendy is also descended from the Winnall family. The picture shows the family tree for the Winnalls going back to the first part of the 1600s. There is an accompanying document which […]

Edward Hill 1817 parents?

Visit to Worcestershire History Centre 26th May 2010 Research Quest Find Edward Hill (1817) on Alvechurch parish registers and discover who his parents were. Conclusion It is probable that Edward Hill was born in 1817 and baptized in Alvechurch in 1922.  It is therefore also probable that his parents were Thomas and Mary Hill. It […]

Hunting the Hunts…

Hunts of Alcester   Visit to Warwick Record Office 25th May 2010 to search for 2nd great grandmother MARY HUNT and to establish link to her parents suspected to be Richard and Elizabeth Hunt revealed no baptism for Mary in the period of interest and no reference to Richard Hunt at all.   Conjecture: altough […]

Dyer and Gardner families

Visit to Warwickshire County Record Office – 15th May 2010 THOMAS WILLIAM DYER 2nd Great Grandfather baptised 15th July 1821. Parents William and Alice Dyer – which means Alice can now be added into family tree. The occupation of William is given as ‘labourer’ in 1821 and 1823, but by 1830 this has changed to […]

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