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Charles Sunter – naval hero and loving father?

Found Charles Sunter’s naval records today. Contained one or two surprises:

1. Charles joined naval reserve as early as November 1909.
2. Enlisted the day before war broke out in 1914.
3. Served on patrol in the North Sea (HMS Gibraltar), laying mines (HMS Orvieto), on a depot ship (HMS Mars) at Invergordon and on HMS Inflexible at the conclusion of the war.
4. He was on HMS Inflexible when the German fleet was surrendered at Scapa Flow.
5. Demobbed in 1919 he continued as a reservist until November 1929. For much of the 1920s he was unemployed.
6. During the 1920s he was living at 14 Brunswick Street, Stockton on Tees, ear to where Lofty was born (also in Brunswick Street).
7. 5 feet 9 inches tall, brown hair, blue eyes and a butterfly tattoo and ‘fresh’ complexion. Chest 36″.

Charles was given 36 days detention at the end of 1917 for going on the run from Invergordon. He left on 11th November 1917 and was apprehended on 9th December 1917.

Interesting date. I wonder what happened right in the middle of that period? Perhaps he was a supportive husband and loving father after all?

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One thought on “Charles Sunter – naval hero and loving father?

  • Triesha Snooks says:

    Dear Tim,
    I have been asked to help someone find out about his grandfather, William REYNOLDS (born in Scotland, about 1887).
    All I’ve been given is that he was a sailor (as there was a uniform – kept by family, or talked of perhaps.), and that he worked/served on the ship/boat “Mars”. The “Dardanelles” was also mentioned.
    I have ascertained that “Mars” was used in the Dardanelles.
    I see your amazing search about Charles SUNTER, and wonder if you know where I could find a crew list etc. to prove if William REYNOLDS was onboard.
    Any other hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking at Ancestry at the medals, and looking on Nat. Archives site, but it seems like a needle in a haystack…it may be I’m not using the correct search terms…
    Looking forward to your reply,
    best wishes,
    Triesha Snooks.

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