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Fred’s memories: Jennifer Tennant

During the early part of the war Jennifer Tennant and her cousin came to stay at Cecil Street as evacuees from London.  They didn’t stay very long, Fred thinks about five months.

Jennifer was Agnes Hill’s grand daughter.

Agnes had married William Batt in 1909, shortly (er…yes that shortly!) before having a daughter, Winifred.

Winifred married George Tenant in 1932 and appear to have Shirley J. Tennant in 1934 – so I think this must be Jennifer.

Fred remembers that Jennifer has curly hair, just like Shirley Temple, and that she appeared on the front of several magazines.  She also thinks Jennifer married a Dr Foster, but I’m struggling to find a record of this.

In 1947 Winifred gave birth to a second child – Malcolm Tennant.

I remember Malcolm.  He served on the Ark Royal and visited with Aunt Aggie (his grandmother) in c1971.  He was an Arsenal fan and took Adrian and I to see West Brom v Arsenal at the Hawthorns.  He proudly stood with his Arsenal scarf on in the middle of the Albion fans in the Brummie Road end – not a sensible thing to do in those days of skin heads and football violence.  Nevertheless he brazened it out and there was not trouble.  Probably they Albion fans were brassed off as the Arsenal won 2-0 (I think).

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