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Lofty enters children home

From Durham Records Office, 16th June 2009:

Dear Mr. Sunter,

Further to your telephone call to this Office today I have established that a William Sunter, born 1917, son of Charles and Emma, was admitted to Stockton Union Children’s Homes in January 1921.  As discussed over the telephone, if you require any further searches of our holdings for the Homes and Stockton Poor Law Union, you will need to use our research service (see attached details and application form) and supply proof of your relationship to William Sunter.

In the event that you make use of the research service it would be useful to know if William had any siblings.

Yours sincerely,

County Archivist

Papers relating to individuals are confidential for 100 years.  I have therefore sent proof of my relationship and the relevant fee to enable one of the archive’s researchers to find the information I would be asking for.

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