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Emma Sunter enters Winterton Hospital, 24th September 1930

From the brilliant Durham archives I received this information this morning:

I checked an index to admissions to Winterton Hospital from 1920 to 1934 and I found the admission of Emma Sunter (no. 23047) on 24 September 1930 from area 9, Dist. 34, Jarrow. You mentioned that she died in 1978 but we only have case notes for Winterton Hospital up to 1945 and only a 2% sample of patient files (case notes) after 1945 has been retained. I checked the list of retained records but regret that your grandmother has not been included in the sample..

Interesting points to note:

  1. Emma died in Winterton in 1978. There is a possibility that she spend the majority of her life in there.
  2. Winterton served as the asylum for the Durham Region.
  3. Jarrow and South Shields are neighbouring towns. I have some evidence that Emma’s sister Amy lived in South Shields, as well as her daughter, also Amy. Is it possible that Emma was living with sister Amy before she went to Winterton?

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