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1891 Census Joseph Sunter

1891 Census Joseph Sunter and family1891 Census Joseph Sunter and Family p1

I remember from my year working in the archives that the reading of names can be very difficult.  Here is a good example.  The transpcription of the 1901 census showed Jane A Sunter as coming from Leadgale.  The 1891 Census transcription has it that she is from Seadgate.  In fact I believe the answer is a mix of the two.  There is a Leadgate in Consett, not far from Stockton on Tees and relatively near to Charles Sunter’s birthplace at Howden Le Wear.

Interestingly, Charles is missing from the household in the 1891 Census, even though he must have been 9 at the time.  The reason for this may well be that the Census is based on who is staying at the house on Census night.  It is quite possible that Charles is simply not present on that night.  A search through the Ancestry.co.uk website doesn’t throw up any further suggestions of where he might be.

New now in the family tree search is my great grandfather, Joseph Sunter.    The listing on the census is:

  • Joseph Sunter, 42, Furniture Salesman, Yorkshire, Gunnerside

  • Jane A Sunter, 28, Durham Seadgate

  • William Sunter, 19, Catcher on Shipyard, Yorkshire Gunnerside

  • Grace E Sunter, 6, Scholar, Yorkshire Redcar

  • Dorothy H Sunter, 3, Yorkshire Redcar

  • Gertrude Sunter, 1, Yorkshire Redcar

  • Cleva I Sunter, 1/12, Durham Stockton

  • Elizabeth Snowball, Sister-in-Law, 27, Dressmaker, Durham Seadgate

The family is living at 21 Grove Street, Stockton on Tees.


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